1. Pleasure of reading
2. My most interesting dream
3. Our national language
4. The problem you'd like to solve and how you will solve it
5. India 2020
6. My greatest strength
7.Something that has sentimental value for you.
8. What would i like to invent for mankind if i was born a 100 years ago
9. Favourite subject
10. Speech on "Swachh Bharath Abhiyan"
11. The person who inspires you the most
12. Haste is waste
13. My favorite hobby
14. My country
15. Go green
16. My favorite novel
17. I dream of a world where
18. T.V turnoff week
19. Superstitions
20. My aim
21. Books: good source of knowledge

If you want more topics I'll message to you. Do you want more? What type of examples you expect?