wing of fire is an awesome book
very valuable book
the book really is the wings of fire
i would like to recomend this book to everyone



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Is that real or a dream?
No one would believe.
But he was the one who was admired by all.
And will be admired every time.

For the works he did
which can be done by a simple person.
But something was there which made ,
Him to rule on everyone's heart.

Even when from belonging from a small family
He tried his best and he succeed .
Sweet hearted but also determined to accomplish everything.

What if he died? But,
his memories will be with us only.
His etiquettes and his qualities which we aspire to have in us.

The remembrance of him makes everyone's ,
Heart filled with courage.
I tried , I am trying and I will try,
to become like him.

Before sleeping I just say something,
which gives me power to struggle on next day.
I am the best.
I can do it.
God is always with me.
I am a winner.
And today is my day.

Lines said by him if someone else says,
No person will feel ever discouraged .
Never feel you are the one who can't ,
do anything.

But what might you know that what is decided for you,
No one knows it you who can do anything .
By taking inspiration from my him ,
I decided and everyone that they will not fail.

Want to say some lines which I want to say,
A person can only be described by other, people not by himself. But other person will never decide what you will become? It is you who know what will you do in your life.

Never feel discouraged that's why I remember him,
Because when I feel discouraged it is he who, comes in dreams ,
And says "What are you doing ?
Will my efforts go like that.
I want this country to be a great one ,
And you are the future so can you lose like it.

Never think you are someone less than else,
Because every one has unique talent.
It's you have to find it ,
And never lose.

He is my inspiration and I think for all,
That's many like us remember him.
Because he is the who has struggled more than ,
Us then we have suffered .