As we know ,Science has advanced in each and every faculty of life.It has made our life easy and comfortable.We cannot imagine our life without science.It has became a very important part of our life.The work which we used to do with our hands in past  can now be done using machines which are only made with the help of science. Science has led us to finding out things that give us what we have today. In fact without science we would not have electricity which would mean no mobiles, internet, Facebook we would not have fridges to keep food fresh, television to entertain or even cars to travel in.  In future also science is definitely going to progress a lot.A world without science would mean that we would still be living in a very different way to that of what we live today . science is a way of helping the brain grow in finding new knowledge and helps us defeat our curiosity of how the world develops and works today and in future also it will make our work more easy.  

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