helen and miss sullivan took shelter under the cool and comforting shade of a tree the weather was humid .sullivan went to home to bring lunch and helen was alone .the weather changes the winds became stromy and the branches swayed vigrously and lashed about her .she clung to a branch with her might to avoid a possible fall .she felt that she and the tree would fall down .she had never before seen this furious face of nature she learnt a lesson under the softest touch hides treachous claw .
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In one of the first couple chapters, Helen and Ms.Sullivan were walking and hey found a beautiful tree that can be climbed on. So they decided to have lunch thee. When Ms. Sullivan went to get Lunch, a storm started and Helen was outside sitting on top of a tree she couldn't get down because she was scared and she kept calling Ms. Sullivan. Then the wind started to blow and she was cut by branches and if she didn't catch a branch she would have flown away. After some time Ms. Sullivan came to rescue Helen and she realised that Nature can be beautiful and Dangerous.