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Dear grandma and grandpa,
           I am fine here. Hope you are fine there. I want to tell about my holiday to you. In your last letter, you suggested me to visit Allahabad. I'll tell about that trip. It was an amazing trip to Allahabad. Allahabad is a city which is located at the confluence of the three holy rivers of Ganga, Saraswathi and Yamuna. Allahabad is noted for the rich cultural and religious heritage and that it bears with the great historical lineage of its own.

Now I will mention you about the tourist places of Allahabad. Sangam is the point where the three rivers meet.

Next is Allahabad fort. Built by Akbar in AD 1583, the allahabad fort exhibits fine depictions of art, design, architecture, and craftsmanship of the fort.

I also visited Anand Bhawan, Swaraj bhawan, Khusrau Bagh, Hanuman Mandir etc.

I also shopped a lot there.

Thank you for suggesting Allahabad. Suggest me more places. Send me a reply letter.

With love,
Yours affectionately,

 Dear  grannpa and granma
   Hello! How are  you?I am fine and hope same for you. You will be surprised to know that this vacations I went to Kerela with my friends.It was a very pleasant place.We saw different types of people their .We ate The most special dish idili and special type of rice. We also visited several temples .It was very memorable vacations for me. But I missed you a lot .Next time we will go together. Anyway, I must go and get on with my work!I am looking forward to seeing you a few days later. See you!
Take care
Your name