The Editor,

Sub: Conserving Water

I am writing this letter to help you in suggesting one of the way to save water, since it is the part and parcel of each living thing.

There are lots of water we are wasting in our day to day life, and hence I would suggest you that we can help them preserve by alerting the human beings in the below mentioned ways:

1)We can sent a normal pamphlet with the newspaper which would help in understanding the peoples who are residing in the desert region and struggling for a cup of water

2) We make a short photo and tag lines where we would mention the number of people who have lost their life due to lack of water

3). we should mention that by using less water, we are saving our energy.

4) We can put a small water controller on tap where we use hand wash, since it is the most usable area, so that the water a small amount of water comes with slow force so that there is less wastage of water.

I really appreciate your patience in going through my letter and I am sure that you would use any of my suggestion which I have mentioned.
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Why I should? I was just helping
It's fine, it might be possible that the answer which you are looking for, might be I was not able to reply. I just gave you the general view. :) No worries
Sreeragpillai , you have got to be kidding around
Read it from bottom to top , lol
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respected sir,
                 need of water conservation.................value of water etc.

your faithfully

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