Once upon a time, tiger and bear lived together.  They agreed to share everything they hunted with each other and to live together peacefully. But one day, when they had roamed together very far, they came across the carcass of a deer.  The tiger then said, “Let me eat first, as I have a big appetite and I do not think it will be enough to satisfy my hunger.”  The bear replied, “No, no, no, let me eat first.”  They did not want to share, and each wanted the whole deer for himself.  They started to quarrel, and a fight ensued.  While they were fighting amongst themselves, a fox came along and he ate the deer, so in the end nether of the friends won.  Finally, they were both tired, and they decided not to live together anymore.  
The otter and the monkey were also good friends, and they also lived together. The monkey would climb up the tree and get ripe fruit, but he refused to share any with the otter, saying that he would only throw down the rotten ones, and that the otter should climb up the tree for himself.  But the otter could only swim in the river, not climb trees, so he was not able to have any of the good fruit.   
When the otter plunged into the water to catch a fish to eat, his friend the monkey asked for one too.  But the otter replied that he would have to get it for himself.  The monkey then asked the otter to help, and the otter told the monkey to hold onto his back in the water.  The monkey drowned in the river and that was the end of their relationship.  Human beings and animals also lived together and everyone was friends, but because only had their own interests at heart, they now live separately in completely different places with  individual thoughts and desires, so they are now all scattered. 
Once there live a old man named Mohan lived in the city of Rupaidiha He loved animals a lot and once he had to choose from his son and his pet then he choosed pet and this shows the love of the man to the pet

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