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It is true that science encourages forward looking and active temper of mind. It helps in removing the cobwebs of superstition, dogma and ignorance. It provides insight into the complexities of life and outer space, but unsupplemented and uncorrected, it gives an inadequate view of the world. The human mind envisages endless possibilities to unravel the mysteries of this world and beyond with constant support and funding in billions. India also is striding towards becoming an innovative superpower within this century. It sounds extremely wonderful and fascinating.Man lives in two worlds – the world of matter and the world of spirit. The scientist indeed is the ruler of the world of matter which is completely under his dominance. But the latter is altogether beyond his sway. The scientific mind seems quite helpless in the world of spirit which is of vital importance for human life, his interrelationship, relationship with nature, spiritual rituals and ways of being which form an essential and important part of his life. Moreover, there are large lacunae in clearly understanding man's relation with God and nature. There are fundamental queries of birth and death, sin and virtue – which science is unable to explain and these form an integral part of human life. These finer mysteries still remain far beyond the reach of human mind and are likely to continue to remain so.

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