Good evening (or morning)to one and all.On this solemn occasion of Women's Day I would like to share some of my thoughts to all the fellow beings present over here.I would not like to waste much of your precious time so i will share my thoughts in short.
As we all know in today's generation women have become almost equal to men and in some cases greater than the men in many field.Today wherever you go maybe to malls,restaurants,hospitals,schools ,offices etc.,you will find women on great positions.Somewhere they are principals of schools,somewhere CEO's of multinational companies,chief surgeons in hospitals,etc.Not only in the outer world but also at home woman serve men in many ways.Sometimes she is a daughter,sometimes a sister,sometimes a girl friend, sometimes a wife and sometimes a mother.In all these cases she serves everyone with the best of her efforts.
But still somewhere or the other the women feel them insecure.When walking on roads the cases of if-teasing are quite common.Men consider her weak and try to do wrong with her.Although she is considered equal to men in this modern society but still there are people who humiliate her,torture her,disrespect her and why?What's the reason that she is a woman and is physically not strong enough!!This is absolutely wrong....We need to change this thought of our society.Women is not inferior to men but is equal to men.She also has equal rights as a man does.Mary Kom is a world renowned boxer and she is a woman.So i request you all that never underestimate a woman because she is not inferior rather equal to you.
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