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   Beauty is the pleasant and appealing sensation to our eyes.  It is enhanced by symmetry, color, shape, smell, scent, dynamism and vibration, brightness and darkness and other factors.

   Along with all the above attributes the nature also contains breeze, water, sky, mountains, green lush meadows, trees and plants, animals, bird and flies like butterfly.

   What is more beautiful than going on top a mountain and watching over a river, or a sea far away and the beautiful curves of the water line and the long waves arriving at the coast so nicely ?

   What is more beautiful than watching the birds play near a river in a forest ? They look so happy and peaceful and we forget ourselves and also feel like birds ourselves.

   Nature's is so beautiful when the Sun rises above the horizon, so colorful and so cheering our minds to make us so energetic.  The marvelous and fantastic rainbow will make every person's mind so pleasant and heart so light.

   So nice and enjoyable is the Moon light in the night on a full moon day.  The silvery white shine on all the natural things around enlightens our minds and frees our minds of all our worries.

   Observing the nature for some times gives us good ideas too.  The beauty of nature  lies in its freshness, openness, recurrence, slow breeze touching our cheeks and the warm Sun warming our body.  If any thing is naturally and elegantly beautiful, that is the Nature itself.

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