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Mystery is, not knowing the truth about some event that happened or about a person. For example, we do not know what happened to Subhash Chandra Bose. His life ended in a mystery. We do not about the life after death and what happens after. It is a mystery.

There are many mystery bestseller novel writers in all languages world over. The sense of mystery really intrigues people and they like it. People watch films and TV serials thrilled by the mysteries. If the mystery is broken, then they will lose interest. 
The nature was a mystery to man and woman for a long time. 

Scientists over centuries have unraveled the mysteries of the world in various fields of sciences. Mysteries are everyday lives for the police force and detectives.  For many people, their own lives are a mystery until they settle down somewhere. 
Mystery  is something full of unexpected things and unusual experiences which creates a un believable thing in your life. which makes u turn back and see it every-time. at starting u will not what is happening  around u and as go deeper and deeper u will understand all the thing' it  will make u believe in fantacy. it might be a theft ,murder or crime. it is a document full of surprises 
and un belivebal things one cant belive without experiencing them. anyone can go through a mystery  at any age. it might be a fictio or bitter experience or negative or positve. it may be anything.
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