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I am a small girl of 7 years.
I can hop and jump.
I want to hop up to the sky.
I want to hold the sky in my hands.
I want to really hold the red, yellow ball - the sun.
I want to know what it really is.
I want to know about the balls that revolve around the sun.
I saw a picture of 9 round colourful balls going in circles around the sun in one of our textbooks.
Oh! At night, there's a silvery colour on everything.
Mum says this beautiful light comes from the moon - a white football-shaped thingy up in the sky.
Moonlight amazes me.
Sometimes, the sky is on fire!
When it is dawn, the sky gives out a fiery glow.
Maybe the sky is angry then.
I do not know, but I do want to know.
What a vast and magical world of the skies!
I want to see it from very near.
I want to observe it more precisely.


I know that pilots can fly in the sky.
I really want to become one when I grow up.
So that I can also know about the sky.
Mum says that I have to study very hard for it because to become a pilot I need to be good at education.
I know if I can study hard enough, then I can become a pilot when I become a grown-up.
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