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                                               Dr A P J Abdul kalam   

                   Dr Abdul kalam was from a poor fishermen family. we used struggle a lot in childhood days for his studies. he used to study very well but because of financial crises at his home was forced to do work after school house like part time job. we used to sell newspaper in the early morning and then go to school and evening he used to help his parents in their work. but also he worked a lot and he became our countries prime minster. I got much influenced by this because of  sir Abdul kalam's struggle and his hard work. now onward even I am going to work hard in my studies and became a good citizen of India and help many other to complete their ambitions. Sir Abdul kalam being a prime minister of our country also he lived his in a normal was. he used very time depend on himself for everything and he did not take any ones help. so even I'll try to independent instead of being dependent.  

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