A girl of mass 50kg is skating at a conctant speed of 1m/s.suppose she doubles her speed.

formula;final kinetic energy -initial kinetic energy
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mass=50 kg. formula of K.E = 1/2 m(v*v). when speed is 1m/s then K.E =1/2*50*1*1. which is equal to 25 J. when the speed doubles i.e, K.E = 1/2 *50*2*2. which is equal to 100 J. so 100/2=4. so i think its 4 times the original K.E
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Speed dobles than no effect if velocity double than kineti energy becom 4 times
how much work will be needed to double her speed?to triple her speed?
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M=50 kg
initial velocity(u)=1 m/s
final velocity(v)=2*1 m/s
change in k.e=1/2m*v*v-1/2m*u*u
=25*3=75 j
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