The role of ornaments in prehistoric society has not been given the attention it deserves and very little work has been done on the ornament styles worn by the peoples of the Indus Valley Tradition.In harappa there were six granaries and these granaries were close to rivers..they stored surplus grains in the granary.
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A raw material or feedstock is basic material used in the production of goods, finished products or intermediate materials that are themselves feedstock for finished products. As feedstock, the term connotes it is a bottleneck asset critical to the production of other products. For example, crude oil is a feedstock raw material providing finished products in the fuel, plastic, industrial chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The term "raw material" is used to denote material is in an unprocessed or minimally processed state; e.g., raw latex, coal, iron ore, logs, crude oil, air or seawater. The use of raw material by non-human species includes twigs and found objects as used by birds to make nests.