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      God particle is the other name of the Higgs Boson particle.  It is an elementary or fundamental particle in the standard models of particles in physics.  It is very important is particle physics.  Existence of God particle explains many properties (like mass) of certain fundamental particles, like quarks and electrons.  Such properties have puzzled scientists for a long time.  

     The standard model (particle physics) is the theory that assumes electromagnetic, weak and strong forces among nuclear particles in an atom.  It describes all sub atomic particles including quarks, top quark, neutrino and Higgs Boson.

  Scientists observed that some field (Higgs field) exists throughout the space and it breaks the symmetry laws of the weak electrostatic attraction between particles.  The Higgs field explains that this weak force becoming very large at very short range.  This Higgs field explains the existence of mass for electrons, quarks and other fundamental particles.

   It is thought that god particle exists everywhere in the universe.   On 4th July 2012, in the CERN’s laboratory facility this particle was created for observation.  Its mass was about 125 GeV/c2.   It was assumed to have an even parity (positive) and zero spin.  These are the fundamental properties of Higgs Boson particle. 

   In 2013, Peter Higgs was awarded the Noble prize for this discovery.
  Higgs Boson particle has no spin, no electric charge and no color charge on it.  It is very unstable and immediately decays into other particles.

      It is the first scalar boson particle that has spin (quantum theory) value 0.  Other known scalar boson particles (alpha particle and pi meson) have non-zero spin.
  God particle does not explain the existence of the Universe and all its properties.  It does not create the world.   Its name is misleading in that sense. 

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