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Lovebirds rarely talk, but they can learn to mimic human speech if taught at a very young age. Because this species loves climbing and playing, as well as interacting with their pet bird owners, they can learn to do tricks.

This one too. African greys are often referred to as the “thinking man’s” bird. These birds are not only one of the best talking parrots, they are also one of the best sound mimics. If your car alarm is still going off after you hit — and re-hit — the turn-off key, or your phone is ringing even though you verified that it’s on vibrate, check your parrot.
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प्यार के पंछी शायद ही कभी बात करते हैं,पर यदी उन्हे बहुत ही कम आयु में सिखाया जाए तो वे मानव भाषण की भी नकल कर सकते हैं।क्योंकि इन्हे चढ़ाई और खेल-कूद करना पसंद है,साथ ही उन्हे अपने मालिकों से बात करना भी पसंद है,वे बहुत जलदी कलाबाज़ियाँ भी सीख जाते हैं। Hope i helped u:)
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