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                            House and Home  - ASL

     Hello friends, now I say some thing about some thing which we really like.

      House is a good shelter that we reside at.  Every one finds a place to stay and spend one's days.  Some build their own houses while some reside at rented places.  Those who cannot afford houses reside at some public location or some obscure location.
     A home is a place that one person or even an animal feels homely.  A home is a shelter which one builds with love, affection, effort, relations, memories and fun over a period of time.  A person  or  an animal even have an inbuilt attachment for his/her home.  At one's home one feels secure, and freely thinking.  At one's home one feels comfortable.

    One likes to build a home where one lives with energy and with a feeling and experience of living every minute.  When this feeling is lost, then it is no more a home.  Home is so important in one's life that most of their lives people try to earn for making their home and then live in that afterwards.  It is the next basic need for a person or animal after food.  We see often that birds build their sweet home in their nest and make happy sounds in that.

    Well, all of us know It is important to build a home.  It is even more important to protect its sweetness over our entire lifetime.  Thanks for listening to me.
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