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1. Akbar-the Social Reformer
 2. Akbar- the Statesman
3. Akbar- the Administrator
4. Akbar-the Hunter
5. Akbar-the Warrior
6. Akbar- the Intellectual
7. Akbar’s trustable- the Navratanas
8. Akbar- the Architect
9. Akbar-the Expansionist
10. Akbar- the Polemic

1.The meaning of Ashoka in Sanskrit is ‘without sorrow’. 
2.He made Buddhism his state religion
3.He was born around 304 BCE in Patliputra, Patna.
4.In the early life as an emperor he engaged in war with different states.
5.He was also called Samraat Chakravartin (emperor of emperors)
6.He build lion stambh’s to spread Buddhism, these stambh’s are now called Ashok Stambh.
7.He sent his son Mahinda and daughter Sanghamitra to Ceylon (Sri Lanka) for spreading Buddhism.
8. At that time he was called ‘Chandaashoka’, which means "Ashoka the Fierce".
9.his empire was from From the Hindu Kush mountains in Afghanistan to Bangladesh and From Assam in the east, to  Kerala and Andhra Pradesh in south.
10.he died at  232 BCE (aged 72).
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