When you knew how to speak, what was you say first word? its mom. mom is very caring and loving. she is the best woman and precious in the whole world,  she care me so much that i could not separation from mother is cooking master in varieties of dishes.she cooks dishes sometimes my choices. I feel proud for wisdom and love of my mother.
     Every day she is the first person of my family, who wakes up early in morning. then she makes breakfast for us.when my father goes to work and i go to my school. When my father and i come home, there is always delicious dinner, which is waiting for us.she loves us more then herself.she loves for us like a ocean, the universe and nothing replace it. mom you gave me every thing but you never ask me to pay back. you are the great.I will be a successful person and i can take care of my self. but in my mothers eyes, i know that i always her little son, as i was. i love you mom l love you forever.