India is corruption, then why couldn't a corruption in India essay
Corruption in india is a major issue that adversely affecting the economy in indiacorruption in india is affecting the devlopment of indiaaccording survey done bytransperancy international 50percent of indian people giving bribes to get their jobs corruption is going in india by the peopie of india to make their lifestyle very easier giving bribe and taking bribe is called corruption in 2005 according to transperancy international indian people had kept their black money in swizz banks upto1056 billions from morning to night every body is doing corruption in politics many ministers are making corruption and making the others to be corrupted for easier transportation without license the drivers giving bribe to the policemen the departement which stops corruption also corrupting in their daily life as we know that todays children are tommorrows citizens we are the responsiblefor next generation if we do not habit corruption we can stop corruption in coming generation