Global Worming refers to the rapid increase in global temperature due to accumulation of green house gases like carbon dioxide and methane in our atmosphere. Due to increasing use of coal and petroleum fuels in vehicles, factories, thermal power stations, the amount of carbon dioxide and methane and other pollutants are increasing in our atmosphere. These gases absorb the heat from the radiations and store it. Due to storage of heat within the atmosphere by these gases, the temperature of earth increases. There are many adverse effect of global warming like climate change, polar ice cap melting, ozone layer depletion etc. Due to climate change, many species are getting extinct, there is heavy loss of agricultural products due to lack of rain. If polar ice caps keeps on melting, most part of earth will submerge under water. So we need to take precaution to minimize global worming. We should decrease the use of fossil fuels. We should not use chemicals like chlorofluorocarbons which are a main cause of ozone layer depletion. We should plant more and more trees so that the carbon dioxide can be removed easily from atmosphere. We should take care of out environment.