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No i don't think so that malls are mindless construction actually there are full of mind construction and its a type of buisness deals for the plots where they are going to build it and secondly saving the nature.
i think u understood the first point but didn't  the second point i will tell u how because if there would be no malls then there would be many shops which would gather much space whereas malls will take only few place and in the other left place some apartments can be build a beautiful greenery can be done.
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No malls are not at all a mindless construction but i must say they are useful constructions.
Malls are tall buildings which contain clothes,foods,and many other articles.We are always in need of clothes,foods,decorations,etc.So we visit so many shops searching for these articles.However we dont think of going to malls.When we see that after visiting malls we have got everything there.So its a save of time as we get everything under a single roof.However we also have a loss of time as we go on searching for things which we dont know.
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