Internet is a way to connecting with whole world internet makes us all together. But sometimes more use of internet is harmful. It has so many causes of using internet. if we use internet more than a limit our eyes become red and also headache started.
internet not only damage our body it also damage our mind. there are so many sites which are not good for children. internet is like a web if we use more than a limit we trapped on it and after this we can't do anything so please away from internet and enjoy the real life.

internet is like boon and curse both if we use internet in a positive way it is boon for us but if we use it as curse it will be a baddest thing of a life we should use internet when it was necessary otherwise we should make distance from internet because if we go close to it we will get trap on it and this is not good for us.

In internet there are so many information is available some are good and some are bad but we should use internet in a positive manner we should use internet like supplement for a study if we need a information then only we should use internet otherwise we do not use internet.

so at last i want to say that be aware and keep away from internet enjoy real life and be happy.