Your friend drives car to school and tuitions convince him not to do so till he get a driving license discuss with your partner
1 what the risks involvef are in teenage driving
2 hiw will you convinence nit to brake the law
plzz answer as conversation between two students



As a frnd I would politely make him understand this serious issue which is needed to be noticed. According to me there is a certain age for everything when we learn to distinguish between right and wrong and that appropriate age is 18 , for various things such as social networking account, and driving license. Your friend may argue that don't give lectures but tell him that rules are made for our welfare and safety he may say rules are meant to be broken but hello a reality check if you don't follow traffic rules it is risking your life as well as your family's life . Due to your cool and daring attitude your parents might suffer . If you are caught somewhere imagine of the embarrassment your family has to face in front of the police. At the age of 18 we become mature and understand the value of rules and have civic sense which is necessary during driving. Hope it helps u !!! :)
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