Discipline matters very much in our day to day life because discipline is like a mirror it shows that what type of person you are and it shows your character. school is first stage to learn discipline and discipline teach by teachers.

the first stage of discipline is parents they teach us how to talk and how to live with peoples the second stage of discipline is school we learn discipline from school our teachers is like second god for us they teach us how to live and what is the importance of discipline in our daily life.

discipline is a weapon through which we win a love and a heart of a person if we shows disciple and be a good discipline person in front of society we will be a good character in there vision so we have to be a discipline person.

disciple is the only thing which would use for whole life from the begging to ending of life disciple is used. in job, in meeting, in celebration, in happiness mostly in every part of life discipline is used. so at last i wanted to say that be disciplined and be a good character and a good person.