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Due the the Grace of God
A star fall on this land
with a speed of missile
landed on a boatowner famiy

Born in a middle class family
faced the caste discrimination
didn't got a place to sit in the class
there he found a soution
to build a place in people's heart

Man of work by the power of dreams
Leads to a number of Innovations
made by having the Wings of fire on his back
contribution to the ballistic missile
operation of AGNI and PRITHVI missiles
Became a Ratna of the Bharat

In addition to be as a scientist
Became a socialist for the welfare of country
Which made him a country's first man
Just as a one-side army

His contributions to India and it's people
Gave a chance to eave him from his body
Not the affection on him on people's heart
Such a man who born never and ever
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there was no caste discrimination..
Kindly informing you that it is Religious Discrimination. sorry for the mistake..
Excellent poem
Yeah he faced religious discrimination...
:) thnkuu..