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I think you can make a presentation of the the art form special to the state you are in or the art form that is popular in the local city.  That will boost the image of the town..

   You can make a presentation - the theme in such a way that  the art and culture - of our state/country/city is not inferior to other forms of art/culture.

   You can give a moral that it is the duty and responsibility of we modern educated and intelligent people /children/youth  to take it from there and make it even better.  If you could paint/draw pictures, have extra-ordinary language skills or poetry skills,  present them. 

    We can also make a presentation that  ridiculing our culture or art is not right.  we should not make jokes on that.  We can make a presentation of a nice story from mythology or  a nice story of a family in your area,  then present that as a dance drama.  Choosing the specialty of the week during which the festival is held is much better.

   The presentation probably will be a mix of your intelligence, our art heritage, our knowledge, our culture and the time of the year.

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