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I am giving the contents of the poster.. you could do some design with changes in fonts and sizes.  That will be good.  Add some pictures.
I am also enclosing some postures with pictures and slogans.

Green color is appealing n beautiful seen with eyes !
Green color is a pleasant sensation felt with heart  !!

Green color appeals to eyes !
    Feels  so pleasing  in heart  !!
Forest & Gardens are a Cool  Lot !
  One desires to go and get Lost !!

Green Landscape, Exciting to walk and jog on !
  Dry  Grassless land  Scary and uninteresting !
Even to walk in the morning, it’s disgusting !!

Birds and animals  make our Life  memorable !
 Sans Cool Wet Lawn,  No Life in My Garden !

  We Let  Live Trees,
    Sun lets us  Live  with Ease


Cutting Greenery brings Early, 
   End to our Future Glory

Save Earth,  Save Greenery

    You Save Forest,   Forest saves you !

     We fight not for Voting Rights !

           We beg for only Living Rights !!

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