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My dear  diary,                                                         date:  27th July 2015

     Ah!  So sad.  What an evening it turned out to be!  I do not think I, for that matter for any IIM Shillong student, will ever be able to forget today evening.

    We all were excited to get the opportunity to hear directly the ex-President, Missile Man and favourite of many, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.  We are assembled in the auditorium by 5:30 pm and waited for long, when Dr. Kalam came in.  He waived his hands in the air, with his face smiling as usual and his unique hair style capturing every one's attention.

     So active and energetic he was.  Then he started to say some thing and I just got immersed in the flow of the speech.  Just about five minutes and  suddenly Dr  Kalam fell down on the floor with the fatal heart attack.  Before we could know much, he was taken away to the hospital.

     Later we come to know that he passed away to the God.  In spite of any thing, it was a chance to view him and hear him directly even for a few minutes.  Such a famous man and quite an unexpected incident.  All of us got some what disturbed.  We spent our time in each other rooms discussing his life and what happened here today.

     May Kalam's Soul Rest In Peace. 

good night.  I wonder If I will get to sleep tonight.


   Oh! Today in the news I have heard that Dr APJ Kalam died...So it is so sad.. He was our ex-president.  He was a good  scientist, and known as missile man.. He was famous among other countries too.  He contributed a lot to the missile capability in Indian defense system to a good level.

   Apart from others, he was liked by all, he spoke softly and encouraged students. So  I feel sad that some one like that has left the Earth , that is , us.. So I pray that his soul may rest in peace.

   good night..

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