A piece of material of mass 100g is immersed in a measuring cylinder having water at a mark of 30ml. The water level rises to 38ml. Calculate the loss of weight of the piece of material.and also the buoyant force experienced by the piece of material.

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Initial water mark on cylinder = 30ml
final water mark on cylinder = 38ml
volume of water displaced = 38 - 30 = 8ml

8ml = 8cm³
density of water = 1g/cm³
mass of water displaced = density*volume = 1 *8 = 8g = 0.008 kg

loss of weight = weight of water displaced = 0.008*9.8 N =0.0784 N
Loss of weight is same as the buoyant force.
So buoyant force is also 0.0784N
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see some example with iron ball and wooden object.
The loss of weight will be equal to the buoyant force so the answer is 0.0784N