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        You have to dream before they can come true.
  To succeed in your mission, you must have a single-minded devotion to your goal.

    Dr. Kalam, who said the above, was born in Rameswaram on October 15, 1931.  He was a scientist, the missile man of India and later the 11th President from 2002 to 2007.  He died in Shillong on 27th July, 2015 while delivering a lecture to students of IIM, Shillong.

    Dr. Kalam’s father was a poor (Muslim) boat owner. So Kalam worked as a newspaper boy to supplement his family's income.  He seriously wanted to be educated.  He was only an average student, but was hardworking and sincere.  He passed physics degree and then did Aerospace Engineering.  He faced a lot of difficulties with courage and hard work to complete his Ph.D.

    Afterwards, he had joined DRDO and then his life turned to a new phase. He managed projects after initial building of a hovercraft.  He was part of ISRO too.  He was a gentle man, technocrat and more of a good manager than a pure scientist.  He had support from political and influential persons.  Prime minister Indira Gandhi and other ministers encourage him for various projects. He was supported for his role on missiles.  He became an adviser to the prime minister and was involved with science and technology.  He gained respect in India and worldwide.

    He became the president, as he was a non-controversial, qualified and well educated.  He was a Muslim, but the religion never came in between.  He was not married in his life.  He dedicated his life to the nation, progress of science and technology, and to support his family members.  He gave many inspiring lessons to young students.  There are lessons on his life in text books.

    He had every reason to be happy that his journey had been incredible.  He had luck in his favour.  He benefited from positive opportunities with his hard work .

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