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Volume of water coming out of the pipe = A * v
     = 20 cm² * 10 m/sec
   = 0.02  m³/sec

mass of water hitting the wall  = m = 0.02 m³/sec * 1000 kg/m³
         = 20 kg/sec

As the water hits the wall normal to the wall and gets rebounded at the same speed, the change of momentum of water hitting the wall is:
            = m (v  - (-v))  =  2 m v
           = 2 * 20 kg /sec *  10 m/sec
           =  400 kg-m/sec²

Since, the change of momentum obtained is per unit time,  it is same as the force.  Thus the force acting on the wall by water = force experienced by water jet.

         = 400 Newtons.

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can you solve same problem by using 'F=density of water*area of cross section*velocity^2
force will be twice that product.. i explained in steps..
ok.i understod