Health is defined as a state of physical and mental well being and not merely the absence of disease of infirmity.We can maintain our health with the help of science in the form of medicines such as tablets and injections which is made by chemicals.
We can reduce pollution with scientific techniques such as recycling process 
So science is better for Health.
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                            Science For Better Health

Now-a-days " science "  plays an vital role in our day to day life. with out science we can't even imagine a second ...... for example after  waking up from bed .... just we brush our teeth , right ! we uses tooth pastes, brushes etc . These all things are made with the science ... like that we use science every where....

science is very very useful for us ........
science is used in many ways . it is used to maintain our health too.
so . science can be used for maintaining our health in a proper way ( for being healthy ) health is the most important thing .. because with out health we can do nothing . " health is wealth "  said by our elders . so if we are healthy we can achieve any thing in this world ... we can do anything ( As we about our power - man power... nothing is impossible because in the word of impossible there is " possible ") so we can do anything if we are healthy .... health is most important and essential to survive and to develop .....

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