During uniform circular motion, constant terms are:
1. Speed of particle
2. angular acceleration
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1.  tangential linear speed of the particle. (v  m/sec)
           scalar quantity

2.  angular velocity  ω   rad/sec 
       its direction will be clockwise or anticlockwise...but fixed.
       it is a vector

3.  angular  acceleration = α = 0,  is also constant
           its direction  is any .. as it is a zero vector.

4.  radius of curvature of the path  = R  constant
      it is a scalar

5. Torque on the body  = 0    it is a vector.  it is always same.

6.  time period  T   = 2π/ω

7.  Frequency  of  revolutions. = 1/T

8.  Angular momentum.    L = m  r X v
       It is perpendicular to the circular plane through the center of circle..
     magnitude and direction are fixed.

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