All Citizens or Stakeholders are invited to participate in Essay Writing Competitionfor Smart NDMC Plan, Your City, You SuggestYour Essay to have following templates:1. TOPIC (Max 25 words)2. What is Top Priority Area/Idea for Making NDMC as Smart city (in Max 150 Words)3. Why is it important for city (NDMC)? (Max 150 Word)4. What is your smart solution to implement your Idea (Max 200 Words)The TOP 5 Essays will be awarded as:a) 1st Prize(One) – Cash Incentive of Rs. 25000 /- (Twenty five Thousand only)
b) 2nd Prize(One) – Cash Incentive of Rs.20000 /- (Twenty Thousand only)
c) 3rd Prize(One) – Cash Incentive of Rs. 15000 /- (Fifteen Thousand only)
d) 4th Prize(One) – Cash Incentive of Rs. 10000 /- (Ten Thousand only)
e) 5th Prize (Six)– Cash Incentive of Rs. 5000 /- (Five Thousand only) each.
The Competition shall be closed on 25th October, 2015.Terms and Conditions1. The winner shall be chosen on the basis of Innovative and Actionable idea and creativity.2. The decision of NDMC for selecting the winner shall be treated as Final.