Work done by a body on application of a constant force is directly proportional to the distance travelled by the body. Express this in the form of an equation in 2 variables. draw the graph of the equation using constant force as 5 units. find from the graph the work done when the distance travelled by the body is 2 units.



See let us apply our general common sense on daily practical life when we push a suitcase having some weight with a force F then it moves some distance s so every body thinks that you are doing some work to push the body so work done on the suitcase is directly proportional to the  distance travelled and force applied so if we apply more work on suitcase the suitcase moves some more distance than before so mathematically 

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Force = F  = constant
Work done = W  = variable.
Displacement = distance traveled by the body = s  = variable.

   W = F * s

Draw a graph  that is  W = 5 * s 

Work done will be equal to  10 units when  s is 2 units.

Draw a line  which passes through the origin.

s      0          1          2            3          4          5        6
W    0          5          10          15      20         25      30

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