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Your skit is ready. there it goes on:-
scene 1 -(in the early morning on mother's day)
mother-my dear son please get up. it's getting late to school.
boy- yes mom and I have a great surprise for you.
mother- just a minute, son is any special day today.
boy- just wait and watch.
(the boy got up and went to get ready to school)
scene 2:-
(boy comes from school)
(mother was waiting for the boy)
mother-how was the day today my son?
boy- fine.and then did you find today's special?
mother- no my son.
boy- then its ok.
(the boy went to playing)
scene 3
(father came from office)
(the mother was awaiting for the son's surprise.
(the boy closed his mothers eyes and he had arranged for the surprise)
boy- opened the mothers eyes.
(mother was surprised to see the surprise)
(it was a cake surprise)
boy- 'happy mother's day' mom!!
mother - (running) came& hugged him and said "thank you my son"
boy- how was the surprise?
that's the end of the skit
thank you

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