Technology is the form of knowledge which is helping now even to develop the the nation to a proud way . many a times we all came across the revolution of a early man to a human and his thinking. but do any one know that the early man was just whoring a small cloth made from the tigers skin and now we are whoring the jeans and many etc. technology is just not a study of science and development but also the study of the life so technology just changed the life of a early man to a well educated software engineer.  see who much difference so mainly it is the right to get into our minds 
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Technology is a form of knowledge that has changed our lives. We were an early man but now we are engineers or managers. Technology can be a scientific technology and also life technology. We just used a cart but now cars are there. It also makes our nation arrogant. But we should not misuse technology as it can cause problems too.. So technology transforms the world into global village.