Animals are the only resources on the plant which are useful for mankind they are also using the utilities provided by the nature and generally animals are divided into two types according to what i know 
      1.The animals which are useful to us 
       2.The animals which are not useful to use
  I did this classification because some animals like kangaroo,and many also are not seen daily in our locality but only some are seen so which we are using but no a days we are observing that many animals are found only in books or in internet but not land because due to the deforestation of forests and also many people are hunting them and also they are violating the rules of the government and we are seeing no a days that even they are eating peacock and due to this circumstances we cannot find many animals so save animals and save nature  
Grand daughter:Good morning gran maa .How are u?
Grand mother:I am fine dear How are your studies?
Grand daughter:well ofcoures good.
Grand mother:I forgot to say your grand father planed to go to zoo.
                     are you intrested to come.
Grand daughter;yeah why not i want to learn about animals and save them
Grand mother:thats good my child
Grand daughter:you know so many people are killing animals
                        we should remember CHEAF SETTELES SPEECH  once 
Grand mother:ya that lesson THE MAN WITHOUT THE BEASTS .
Grand daughter:of coures who cheaf settele fought for his land and animals and 
                        every one should understand and save animals