What were upnishad and who were maiteri and jabala

In ancient times the Upanishad thinkers were mostly Brahmins and Rajas. Poor and lower caste people rarely were Upanishad thinkers and took part in this discussions. Satyakama Jabala....who was named after his mother Jabali ..and he became one of the best known thinkers of that time. He had a deep desire to learn and know about reality,...about life and was accepted by a brahmin teacher named Gautama.
and i don't think there was anything about maiteri in the chapter..
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    The word Upanishad means learnings directly from a guru, sitting near guru.  Upanishads are the sacred texts in Sanskrit language that had been written to explain the spiritual meanings of various Vedas.

    Many of the Upanishads are written by Rishi Yagnyawalka.  Upanishads emphasize the spiritual life and correct ways of living as an individual and in society.

       Upanishads explain Self-realization, Yoga, Meditation, Karma, Sanyasa (renunciation) and Reincarnation.  They explain the procedure do perform these.  These were implicit in Hindu religion and in Vedas.  These are explicitly explained through Upanishads.  They are more like Hindu Vedanta or philosophy.

     They are supposed to be the form of metaphysics and highest category of philosophy.  They are the results of great sages who thought of great ideas in the middle of forests and meditated deeply about humans and their lives.

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Satyakama Jabala is a man that comes in Chandogya Upanishad. He goes out searching for a great teacher on Self-realization (atma-gyan). Jabala is his mother. They did not know about his father and his gotra. He meets his guru Rishi Gautama Haridrumata and tells truth about his not knowing about his father or gotra. Gautama agrees to teach him the knowledge, believing that only Brahmin can be so truthful and sincere.
Maitri or Maitreya or Maitra is probably the name of an ancient scholar who gave us Maitrayani Upanishad. It is related to Yajurveda.
Upanishad is the sacred sanskrit text books of hindus.Jabala was a rishi muni that comes in Chandogya Upanishad and Maiteri was a the name of an ancient scholar who gave us Maitrayani Upanishad.