In plant like red wood and eucalyptus water is reaching more than 100ml how would you appreciate transport system in them

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It is 100ml
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It should be 100m. 100ml is too small compared to the transported amount. Many litres of water are transported.
It is in sa1 10class biology question paper


Yes the role in trees is really appreciable in that the role of leaves due to transpiration there is a pull from the ground level to all the parts in the trees usually an oak tree in a day 900 liters of water is trans ported from roots to leaves and then it is transpired out in this way due to transpiration the transport of water Is possible in very high trees like red wood mango neem etc this is also the reason for rain also
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I was 100 percent truly saying, it is occurred by absorption of in leaves by transpiration.The water from the root is absorbed in the name of transpiration.
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