Yes the people who think about the future of our country and the people who care for our country want their country to be the best and the cleaner country than other countries and those people maintain dust bins.and the people who dont care about the future of our country will go on throwing garbage on the roads so first these people have to know and have to imagine our country in the future and they have to care for our that our country becomes the cleaner and the best country than other countries.and i think about the future of our country as an INDIAN
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thank you soo muchh i just need support a only man can not make the country clean just add ur frnds to this..........thank u again to support.....
your welcome :))
ur welcome :)
Yes i do. and i feel very bad when people throw garbage sadly there is nothing we can do about it at individual level and PMO wont do anything. even NGT is ignoring the issue
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that mean you r also supporting me.. thank u too
u r welcome