Education is must needed for every one in  this world. education plays a vital and crucial role in our life. every child feels burden while they are getting educated but they will be the beneficial also. today's children are tomorrows citizens. to complete their work up to the mark they have to educated. in olden days girls were not to go to school and get educated but this situation does not continues because girls are encouraged by their parents and teachers and even our government. id children are nit forced to get educated then they will lose every thing in their life because if their is no education for a person he is noting in front of this world. now a days poor children are not getting educated because of financial crisis and they forced to to work at their house and any other place at that time he is not educated and noting in front of any one so we have to be educated and even our government is helping poor children for their good quality of education. so conclude at a person without education is car without wheels.  
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