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The human brain consist of three parts-
1. Fore Brain - It is the anterior part of brain . It is the main thinking part of brain and consists of three regions-
*Olfactory lobes- they are the centers of smell
*Cerebral hemisphere or cerebrum - it is the seat of intelligances and voluntary action.
*Diencephalon - its is the center of hunger, thirst etc.
2. Mid Brain - It is significally small and consists of two lobes called as optical obes which are the center of vision.
3. Hind Brain - It is the posterior part of brain and consists of -
*Crebellum - The function of this part is to control and co-ordinate . Here motor messages are refined and well precised and well co-ordinated muscular movements are provided.
*Medulla- oblongata - It is the center of involuntary action such as swallowing , coughing , sneezing , the vomiting etc.
*Pons - It connects the cerebullum , medulla and cerebrum .It is called as a pneumotaxic area of respiratory  centre
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