I will first of all ask to cite this quote as anonymous, well, this is my quote Flying in the skies is a dream, walking over the seas is a dream, and that's what made ships and aeroplanes possible.
Dr Abdul Kalam was the statement that the first dream dreams, see the truth. My dream is that the Indian economic, social, political, scientific-and-a Smuruddh from all perspectives, became rich and developed nation. 
 I want India to become the world's most powerful and beautiful country. In ancient India, a powerful and prosperous nation Thakbart met again named the golden bird. 
Poverty caused by unemployment person the people of India, the average standard of living is very low. My wish is that all people are healthy and thriving Ki. Many of our original Subidhayen in villages such as electricity, water, hospitals, etc. is not available. I want all the same Ki village and city development.In India, some social evils like dowry system, child marriage, child labor, ruled out a Jvlnt Jaa.brshtachar problem, its root Hokbart an economic power in the world, its identity as citizens of medicine Bnaiezsbi Subidhayen available Hokdesh improving the education system, the next generation to get a good education and fair Skelswchcr a reality of India's thriving business Holbisw happy to name the countries named India. In fact, that Suraj Ram Rajya be established. Goodwill, morality, non-violence, to be Sukshanti environment. 
The survey Bvnhu Sukina; Niramayः satisfaction survey along the lines of all Indians to be happy and healthy, this is my dream.