Munshi Premchand was born on July 31st 1880 in lamhi a village near Varanasi. his real name was danpat Rai Srivastava. after completing is early education at Madrasah ,Premchand enrolled at the Queens college, Banaras. in 1907 appeared his first story collection titled soz-e-watan, which was written in Urdu. it was banned by the British government officials as the book sought inspired Indians in the struggle for political freedom. that made d author adopt the pseudonym of premchand.
it was a 1914 that Premchand started writing in Hindi .he brought realism in Hindi Literature ,writing on real life issues such as communalism, corruption, zamindari, poverty and colonization. further he did away with the highly Sanskritised Hindi of traditional writings and used instead the dialect of d common man. Premchand was elected as the first president of the progressive writers' Association in Lucknow. he died on October 8 1936.
his works: a prolific writer, Premchand wrote over 300 stories,a dozen novels and two plays. some of his memorable Hindi works are sapta Saroj, Rangbhoomi, Nirmala ,Pratigya, gaban and Godan.