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Scientists are discovers and inventors but their guiding guru through which they have become such a capable person is a teacher.
scientists prove their theories  to the nation but teachers educate the world making them the future scientists.
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     I think the word scientists imply both the scientists and engineers.

     Scientists get educated through teachers and professors.  They learn principles, laws and skills needed for higher level performance.  Scientists study problems that are faced by the sciences and people.  Scientists try to solve these problems through their efforts and find feasible solutions.  Thus their discoveries advance people from one level of  living to another for better.

     Scientists cause improvement in our standard of living, communication facility, better management.  They explore and document knowledge that is useful to people and future.

    Teachers teach the students the knowledge created by scientists.  Thus teachers only convey to the students what is discovered and invented by scientists.  So scientists do make a greater contribution than teachers in the society.

   It does not mean that the teachers are useless.  The teachers do their duty by making students aware of the knowledge given by scientists and engineers.
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