plants have the ability to produce new plants from their vegetative organs like bulbs ( onion , garlic ) , rhizomes ( ginger , turmeric ) , corms ( crocus ) , buds ( bryophyllum ) ,leaf  , roots , stems , etc. 
   in vegetative propagation new plants are produced from the organs of old plants . 
  - CUTTING - in this method of propagation and part of the plant is cutted and buried or interred partly in the soil . e.g. rose , grapes 
   - LAYERING - the branch of plant in buried or interred in soil or in organic matter without detaching it from their parent . e.g. lemon , guava , hibiscus , etc.
  - GRAFTING - selected breed plant stems are grafted over the stumps of their related breeds to produce desired fruits . e.g. mango , peach , etc.   
 this are the most important artificial methods  because sometimes it is arduous to get new plants from seeds and their maybe many factors responsible for this likes seeds are not germinating in its native land and also the climate motivates it and the most important reason that is it takes many years to obtain their products . 

- IN VITRO MICRO PROPAGATION - in this production of new plants from isolated plant tissues ( group of totipotent cells) in a synthetic medium of culture solution , this method is use for the production of ornamental plants like orchids .

the above procedure use to maintain the vegetative species and more rapid method propagation to get traits of the parents and preserved . the plants receives a domination over their surrounding by producing large number of plants . 
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