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    The nature is the environment around us that is not built or made by human intervention.  Whatever is present on Earth that has evolved over years is Nature.  Nature consists of life, living plants, people, trees, organisms, landscapes, water streams, rivers, valleys and mountains.

    Nature tells us that we should not destroy the life already present around us.  When one tree dies, another plant comes up there.  The nature shows beauty to the eyes of people who see it.  Like wise we must too do.  Nature evolves for the better continuously.  We  must also develop and evolve gradually and continuously.  Nature feeds people and animals with different tastes and needs.  There is a built-in mechanism for circulation of energy, life, and food in the nature.   The various mechanisms are coordinating with each other positively.  We must also constructively cooperate with each other.

     Nature cleans itself through rains, when it all becomes dry and dirty.  Nature becomes fresh and rejuvenated.  We should also rejuvenate and clean ourselves.
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